In 1970, the facility was transformed to become one of the middle schools of Iberia Parish that would foster educational principles and ideals that are necessary to nurture its constituents, to monitor their growth, and to equip these leaders with tools that engender success in the community, the state, the nation, and the world.

Developing raw material and refining it into productive, contributing citizens has always been historical as well as present goals set by the school's community.

Inherent in its history are also dedicated pioneers, such as Edrian Auguster, the first principal of Anderson in its middle school role, and Albert Moore, both intrinsically motivated master builders. Cyrus V. Jackson pioneered as principal of Jonas Henderson as a junior high school.

All of these outstanding educators and leaders built on a foundation that was formerly the original site of Jonas Henderson High School, opened in 1949, with its first graduating class in 1950.

Its first and only principal was the incomparable John Berry (J.B.) Henderson. He brought to this facility and community the astuteness of an administrator that is unparalleled. His vision blazed a trail and lit the paths of countless generations, that will undoubtedly use his dedication to task and the success that was Henderson as a yardstick for education at any period of time.